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Most Elite non-inquisition army?

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What non-inquisition army is the most 'elite' (least models)?

I've been playing Imperial Guard for a while now, and I'm in desperate need of a change. I want to make a small (maybe 1000pt max) army of elite models as a break from the hundreds of guardsmen I've been painting and playing with lately.

I don't want an Inquisition army, as the fluff doesn't sit well with me, but other than that I don't really mind what army it is. The first armies that came to mind were Dark Angels and Chaos Marines. Any suggestions?
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Wel I think these are your options:

- Space Marines, cliche but they're elite and usually few in numbers
- Chaos Space Marines - same, but with spikes :wink:
- Dark Angels - Deathwing - termies all round
- Dark Angels - Ravenwing - loads of bikes quickle add up the points
- Tyranid Monstrous Swarm - nothing but monsters and 2 basic troops units to fill out the ranks (rippers work great) the rest just a hivetyrant (HQ) and carnifexes (HS and Elites)
- Genestealer Coven - A broodlord, 2 units of rippers and loads of genestealers. They're nice models, bit frail and you rely entirely on CC
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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