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Most Elite non-inquisition army?

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What non-inquisition army is the most 'elite' (least models)?

I've been playing Imperial Guard for a while now, and I'm in desperate need of a change. I want to make a small (maybe 1000pt max) army of elite models as a break from the hundreds of guardsmen I've been painting and playing with lately.

I don't want an Inquisition army, as the fluff doesn't sit well with me, but other than that I don't really mind what army it is. The first armies that came to mind were Dark Angels and Chaos Marines. Any suggestions?
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I might go for a loyalist marine force, as I realized I have an unopened tactical squad sitting in the cupboard. Thanks for the help guys!
Try a Farsight deathbomb army. 12 Crisis Suits and 12 Fire Warriors, and any left over points spent on more suits or Broadsides.
Yeah, except my main gaming friend, Frodo (he's on heresy too), plays a mean Tau army - I'd be far too scared to try beating him at his own game! Nice idea though :eek:k:
(sorry for the double post, but I wanted to tell peeps)

Just thought i'd say that I've decided to make a small Blood Angels force. I knew almost nothing about them, and after Galahad mentioned the idea I downloaded the codex - mainly out of curiosity. The background is awesome, and I LOVE the colour scheme. I might go for a successor chapter, but still using that basic background and theme of the Black Rage.

THANKS FOR THE IDEA GALAHAD! And thank you everybody for the help with the decision. :D
Woooo! Blood Angels! I've started painting models, and I'll be write up an army list some time soon and post it. :victory:
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