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most effective space wolves

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im looking for what you guys think is the most effective list at 2000 points.
lets say at a tournee and with random missions with all armies participating.
i like the gun line but i cant tell if rhino rush or a thunderwolf cavalry list will be as good or better. im not sure if their are any competitors other than those two.
a lot of people say the gun line doesnt work in 5th edition but i think it works alright.
i ususally use 6 las plas razors with 5 grey hunters and a plasma inside. plus a wolf gaurd with a combi melta just in case a landraider gets too close. then 2 6 strong units of long fangs with missiles, 2 dreads with hf and TL LC. a pread with auto and lass side sponsons and 2 rune priests. living lightning and a variant power.

but i would like to see what everyone else thinks is the best list for space wolves at 2000 points.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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