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More Leaked Start Collecting Boxes

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The rules for these new boxes haven't been leaked yet, but they'll probably be along soon.

Must say the Dark Eldar boxset is quite fantastic value and an impressive start to a DE army, or a cheaper way to expand on the basics (More Warriors and Raiders). Not a fan of the Archon figure but it's good to see the main HQ included, and the Reavers are a nice bonus.

The Eldar boxset on the other hand is disappointing. It's the first of the Start Collecting boxes that I feel pigeonholes you into favouring a particular army type, in this case a Saim-Hann Jetbike army. The Fire Prism is a good choice and the Jetbikes are quite good as well, but the utter lack of any kind of troop choice and the vehicular HQ choice makes the boxset unimpressive when compared to the others that are available. A simple addition of five Dire Avengers and replacing the Farseer w/Jetbike with just a Farseer or Autarch figure would really improve the set, but alas no.

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Jetbikes are Troops. They're probably the most complained about Troops in the entire game, and for good reason.
My mistake, no need to snap your cap.

I still don't think they are a great starter troop choice, when compared to Dire Avengers or a Guardians Squad with a Weapons Team. To me the Eldar box seems more suited to expanding a collection than beginning one. If I were going to start an Eldar army I would buy a Farseer, two Dire Avenger boxes and the Start Collecting Box, rather than just the Start Collecting box as I could/would with the Militarum Tempestus, Necrons or SMs/CSMs.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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