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It feels like just me posting on the eldar forums these days; Ah well, what do you think of this?

Dark Eldar
1 Archon, Shadow Field, Webway Portal, Power Weapon
10 Kabalite warriors

1 Spritseer
1 Fuegan, Warlord

5 Wraithguard with D-scythes
5 Wraithguard
5 Fire Dragons

Waveserpent, TL SL, Shuricannon, Holo-Fields ,<-Firedragons
Waveserpent, TL SL, Shuricannon <-Wraithguard
Waveserpent, TL SL, Shuricannon <-Kabalite Warriors

Wraithknight, Suncannon
Wraithknight, Suncannon

Total - 2000

The idea is that:

1) Archon, Fuegan, + either (Wraithguard+D-scythes) or (Wraithguard) [Havent decided yet] .
Deep Strike in a manner which allows the D-scythes to drop 5 str4 ap2 templates onto something, Fuegan to split fire kill something else (probably a tank, hopefully in melta range).
Place the Archon and Fuegan correctly so that they take the majority of the return fire, (using the majority toughness of 6 from the wraithguard) this should hopefully be a really resilient unit.
Then when they try to charge me i have 5*D3 wall of death str4 ap2 hits...

Note: Fuegan strikes at Str5, has a 2+ and FNP, has the Split Fire USR, in cc has armourbane.
Until this unit (Costs ~500) arrives from reserve, the 3 waveserpents and Wraithknights are strong enough to hold out.

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Hmm, That looks a pretty good list a bit sparse on models though...
I am not sure if you can have the dark kin run around in a WS though
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