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September 2014 Voting

Voting is open to all members of the Forum. All entrants must vote, and cannot vote for themselves.

Each member of the Forum can cast one vote in each of the two categories by posting in this thread:

Most Innovative Idea: This category covers the pure imagination that fuels conversions so is for the cleverest idea irrespective of technical execution

Best Executed Idea: As well as ideas conversions are works of technical skill, so this category covers the ability to make a converted model look as if it has always been that way irrespective of how ambitious the change was.

Voting will close at midnight GMT on 8 October 2014.

Vote do not need to include a reason but they are encouraged.

For example, I might put:

Most Innovative Idea: The Mod Team - the Conversion Deathmatch is a great idea

Best Executed Idea: The Mod Team - the Conversion Deathmatch has been run very well.

The current full rules and FAQ can be found in the Rules thread.

This month's entries are below. There are more shots of many of the conversions from other angles in the Entry Thread:

Came into owning some Grey Knight models in a trade a while back, and with the release of the new Codex I have decided to change up what the Terminators came armed with. Ultimately, I came up one Nemesis Hammer short for the squad and had to improvise

I'll enter my Nagash, it's a minor conversion, but hey, he's big and scarey. Changed the arm from ghost to book, that's part of the kit and not a conversion, but the staff carried by the spectre is a conversion.

Khorne's Fist
Because of the many and obvious similarities between the old Ragnar Blackmane mini and the Krom Dragongaze mini, I am convinced that Krom was originally meant as a new version of Ragnar, but for whatever reason it was changed up to make Krom. Because of that I decided to do the right thing and ddo what was meant to be. I had to butcher an old Ragnar mini to get his chain sword, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

Boring havocs became depraved noise marines.

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Most Innovative: Moriouce (first time I've spelled your name right without having to check halfway through! :laugh:)
Best Executed: Khorne's Fist

Executed was a tough choice between KF and Creon, the tie-breaker consideration was having to work with metal parts. I did a conversion a while back on a Blood Angel Captain and the metal arm I used was SUCH a pain in the ass to cut up. I feel for your blades.

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Most Innovative: Moriouce
Best Executed: Khorne's Fist

Love the noise marines nicely done. Khorne and ntaw was really close they were both nicely done conversions.
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