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It is the start of a new month, so welcome again to the Heresy Online:

September 2014

A valid entry is a picture before the conversion and a picture after the conversion plus an optional description of the conversion, posted in this thread. The full current rules and FAQ can be found in the Rules thread.
Work in progress photographs or descriptions are also encouraged.

Entries must be submitted by midnight GMT, 30th September 2014.

If there is anything that you think unclear or needs reviewing, however trivial, please post it in the Discussion thread.

Without further ado, Heretics, ready your parts, raise your tools, and start converting.

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Came into owning some Grey Knight models in a trade a while back, and with the release of the new Codex I have decided to change up what the Terminators came armed with. Ultimately, I came up one Nemesis Hammer short for the squad and had to improvise.

I had all the necessary parts. Left is the terminator pretty much as I got him but without a hand. Then there's the Terminator sized hand I needed attached to the Halberd, the bottom of the staff I need from a Ward Stave, and the top half of the Hammer that would be taken off that Grey Knight model.

Took me a couple minutes to actually get this part done. After cutting the pieces out I had to drill them out for stability's sake.

Here is what I ended up with, I opted out of adding any haft above the hand as it looked pretty damn close to the one that I am using for my Librarian to lead the squad.

Hmm...looking at that now I don't think the hand is big enough, but at least it's on the right angle. Here's the completed model:


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Because of the many and obvious similarities between the old Ragnar Blackmane mini and the Krom Dragongaze mini, I am convinced that Krom was originally meant as a new version of Ragnar, but for whatever reason it was changed up to make Krom. Because of that I decided to do the right thing and ddo what was meant to be. I had to butcher an old Ragnar mini to get his chain sword, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

Once again I forgot to take a proof photo before I dived in, but I hope this one will do.

This actually turned out to be one of the easier conversions of a SW character that I've done lately. Some very careful trimming and filing after sawing off his sword so that it would fit the thunder wolf great axe hand was required, along with trimming the axe handle and reattaching the pommel to make it short enough to look like a suitable sword grip. I picked the TW axe because the angle it's holding the axe handle at is identical to Krom's axe, and I wanted the sword at the same angle.

I'm actually as proud of the way I managed to get his hair to fit around his armour without having to trim a lot off or use GS. I just filed away a bit at a time until it fit how I wanted.

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