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It's the start of a new month, so welcome again to the Heresy Online:

October 2016

A valid entry is a picture before the conversion and a picture after the conversion plus an optional description of the conversion, posted in this thread. The full current rules and FAQ can be found in the Rules thread.
Work in progress photographs or descriptions are also encouraged.

Entries must be submitted by midnight GMT, 31 October 2016.

If there is anything that you think unclear or needs reviewing, however trivial, please post it in the Discussion thread.

Without further ado, Heretics, ready your parts, raise your tools, and start converting.

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Another one of my monster hunter themed units, again for my strange perversions ;D

This one is a quite heavily modified gorkanaught, the idea is for it to become a fortress, a giant carved of stone, with cannons to shake the earth and weapons to tear its foes asunder.

This is inital. Had started painting it in the scheme of da golden waaagh before taken by this mew idea.

Then heavy laying of green stuff which is the majority of this conversion.

The gorkanaught mini gun, pvc pipe, and a paper roll from a receipt machine. For the cannon.

The more final shot of the model at a state of almost completion l, having it possible for painting is what stops my from gluing it completely also the fact the gun is so heavy that blue tac doesn't hold it. Pinning and glue is required.

Will add a final photo once the model has some paint, but wanted to get my entry in, and this is what is within the rules.

Hope this wasn't too rambly... hope you enjoyed.

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