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Monthly Conversion Deathmatch - November Voting

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November 2014 Voting

Voting is open to all members of the Forum. All entrants must vote, and cannot vote for themselves.

Each member of the Forum can cast one vote in each of the two categories by posting in this thread:

Most Innovative Idea: This category covers the pure imagination that fuels conversions so is for the cleverest idea irrespective of technical execution

Best Executed Idea: As well as ideas conversions are works of technical skill, so this category covers the ability to make a converted model look as if it has always been that way irrespective of how ambitious the change was.

Voting will close at midnight GMT on 10 December 2014.

Vote do not need to include a reason but they are encouraged.

For example, I might put:

Most Innovative Idea: The Mod Team - the Conversion Deathmatch is a great idea

Best Executed Idea: The Mod Team - the Conversion Deathmatch has been run very well.

The current full rules and FAQ can be found in the Rules thread.

This month's entries are below. There are more shots of many of the conversions from other angles in the Entry Thread:

I humbly sumbit my newest pirate gunner. I turned the shoes into boots, trimmed his satchel a bit and added a little jacket.

Mossy Toes
I threw together that there Palanquin of Nurgle base, sticking on the old flat top platform from the ancient Screamin Bell mini I've had sitting around for about a decade now. Going to magnetize so I can throw either a Herald or a Lord (probably the "Draznicht" mini, the Chosen Champion w/ power maul from Dark Vengeance, for the latter)
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Most Innovative - The Tall One
Best Executed - Wookiepelt
Unless I am mistaken, I do believe it was Mossy Toes who answered my challenge, not Wookiepelt.

Most Innovative: Mossy Toes
Best Executed: Mossy Toes
Um, yup. Me, not Wookiepelt, good stuff though Woopiepelt produces...

In any case:

Most Innovative: Tha Tall One
Best Executed: Tha Tall One
Would love to have done that @Mossy Toes but I definitely can't take any credit for that fine piece of work! So credit given when credit's due...

Most Innovative - The Tall One
Best Executed - Mossy Toes
Most innovative: TheTallOne
Best executed: Wookiepelt
Best Executed: ThaTallOne
Most Innovative: Mossy Toes
Best Executed: ThaTallOne: nice bit of greenstuff work!
Most Innovative: Mossy Toes: love the crowdsurfing idea.
Unless I am mistaken, I do believe it was Mossy Toes who answered my challenge, not Wookiepelt.
It was. I really don't know where people are getting the idea it was Wookiepelt.

In unrelated news, I edited the initial post for something completely unrelated to who was entered the contest.
Shockingly close this month.

So the winners are...

Most Innovative: Tha Tall One
Best Executed: Mossy Toes
Most in Need of Another Coffee: Dave T Hobbit

Note: I am aware the rules say an entrant can't win the same category two months running. However, as only Mossy had the guts to answer Tha Tall One's challenge I have decided to allow it. If anyone feels this is the wrong decision, I would entirely respect any complaint they chose to make.
Congrats guys, hopefully I'll get some time to work on some of my projects again soon that way you'll at least have someone to beat :grin:
Thank you Mossy for joining me in this competition! I don't mind not winning the match this month, I was vying to win the other category. I would gladly forfeit my victory should any complaints arise.
Also thank you all who voted!
No complaints at all--speaking as the only person who has anything to "gain" from Tha Tall One beng disqualified, or something. I just want more other folks participating!
really good skills all, hoping to have something for one of these competitions one day
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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