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I'm gonna try again this month, with a little special project of mine.

While practicing more on my Word Bearers theme, I thought I would paint up a old Daemon Prince I had lying around. However, I knew I would never field him in a CSM army without using a Black Mace, so I thought I would challenge myself even more in the art of creating my own models. So I wanted to create a Black Mace for him and add some parchments to his shoulder, seeing as he is a Word Bearer.

The before shot is this:

I then stripped him and tore the arm off. Using grey stuff, green stuff, the axe of a Bloodthirster (For the handle), the axe of a plastic Daemonprince (For the shaft), some shields with spikes and some Stirland Mud for texture, I crafted this for him:

Painted up it now looks like this:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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