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January 2015 Voting

Voting is open to all members of the Forum. All entrants must vote, and cannot vote for themselves.

Each member of the Forum can cast one vote in each of the two categories by posting in this thread:

Most Innovative Idea: This category covers the pure imagination that fuels conversions so is for the cleverest idea irrespective of technical execution

Best Executed Idea: As well as ideas conversions are works of technical skill, so this category covers the ability to make a converted model look as if it has always been that way irrespective of how ambitious the change was.

Voting will close at midnight GMT on 10 February 2015.

Vote do not need to include a reason but they are encouraged.

For example, I might put:

Most Innovative Idea: The Mod Team - the Conversion Deathmatch is a great idea

Best Executed Idea: The Mod Team - the Conversion Deathmatch has been run very well.

The current full rules and FAQ can be found in the Rules thread.

This month's entries are below. There are more shots of many of the conversions from other angles in the Entry Thread:

Viscount Vash
The plan was to create a unique sorcerer to use as a scroll caddy ( he might get a promotion ) with a big nod to an old Nurgle Champion I always liked.

Daisy Duke

I'll try to make a Storm Boy Nob. His rokkitpack will be a challange!

This one is based on 2 key components, Ariac the Ironfist and leftover assault cannon from SW Terminators and some small bits.

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Most Innovative: Viscount Vash
Very nice effect created with the use of insectoid head.

Best Executed: Madfly-Art
Awesome build, very clean end result. After painting it seems like the kit was originally intended this way.

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Difficult choice between the 3 I can vote for I really don't want to leave one out, the sheer Orkyness of Mourice's, the seamless excecution of Mad Fly's and the Power of a Jugger Lord from Daisy Duke.

Most Innovative: Mourice. ( Sooo Orky.)
Best Executed: Mad Fly Art. ( Once painted you'd ask where he bought it.)

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Most Innovative: Moriouce - Great thinking using a bomb as the jump pack!
Best Executed: Viscount Vash - Amazing modelling, so good to see such detail!

Honourable mention to the other two competitors, great work to madfly-art getting such a detailed model converted and painted within a month, and to Daisy Duke, love the new backpack!
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