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It is the start of a new month, so welcome again to the Heresy Online:

August 2014

A valid entry is a picture before the conversion and a picture after the conversion plus an optional description of the conversion, posted in this thread. The full current rules and FAQ can be found in the Rules thread.
Work in progress photographs or descriptions are also encouraged.

Entries must be submitted by midnight GMT, 31 August 2014.

If there is anything that you think unclear or needs reviewing, however trivial, please post it in the Discussion thread.

Without further ado, Heretics, ready your parts, raise your tools, and start converting.http://uk.pinterest.com/pin/create/extension/

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So I started with this pile of bits and the idea of using the pilot bits from the stormwolf to make an Iron Priest. I never managed to get around to repainting my old metal one because I was never going to use him. A plastic one was just too much for me to resist.

After some readjusting and fiddling and second-thoughting, the finished product.


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Really simple kitbashing using some Shoulderpads from different kits. the lance was made using a high elf lance a SM chainsword hand and a las gun from a chimera to act as the counter weight. The head is from the Centurion Kit. dont think i will be adding anythig else to him except i might do a cape or a banner. whichever would work the best and give the best result.

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