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Heldrake gone nurgle!

Papa Nurgle will be so proud.

Now I'm not going to post the oodles of plasticard I have. I will add images of other bits I add into this one. I am starting with a new heldrake kit, green stuff, a face from the maulerfiend and some magnets. There will be plasticard added and I have a few other ideas I've been toying with.

The new head neck looks nice, plus its magnetized :)

Tentacles made....

Two more magnets seeded, dont worry wont spoil the reveal.

Tentacles, more tentacles!
(Yes there are more then this.....)

Had to cut off one wing soo many times to get it to glue right.

Beware the darkness; tis where evil lurks..

This is where I am right now, having some issues with parts of the conversion.

(This space for updates)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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