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The Red-Crayon Host (cray khorne archaon army)


End Times List 5K
L-650-Archaon on Dorgar
L-415-Chaos Lord MoK,Jugger, collar of khorne, sword of strife, potion of strength, armour of fortune
L-310-Chaos Lord MoK, Jugger, Unholy Strike
L-288-Chaos Lord MoK, Jugger, Halberd, Shield
H-170-Exalted Champ MoK, Banner of rage, BSB, shield
H-252-Exalted Champ MoK, Barded Daemonic Steed, armour of destiny, scaly skin
H-200-Sorcerer lvl2 dispell scroll enchanted shield berserker sword hideous visage
C-410-38 Marauders MoK S FC
C-418-11 Trolls AW
C-120-Chariot MoK
C-105-5 Horsemen MoK F M LA
C-192-24 Hounds (6x4) Vanguard
C-210-10 Forsaken MoK
S-558-11 Knights SoC EW FC
S-295-5 Wrathmongers C SB
R-210-Giant MoK

5000 (4998)

Silly list in the name of khorne, designed to get into the fray and hit stuff.
Archaon goes in knights with mounted ex-champ.
Wizard there purely to dispell if needed. I know magic is a weak point but I'm hoping that I'll be able to get into combat and kill any wizards before they do too much damage.
Jugglers to run alone, or to combine charges with chariot/knights/horsemen, and to hunt and kill champs/characters to get EoTGs off.
BSB and wizard in with the marauders.
Throgg in with trolls.
Hounds in packs of six to screen/buy time for core.
Forsaken and giant for Lols.
Wrath mongers added because I want the minis, they round the list, and I'd like to try them. Sure they'll kill something.
That's it basically. Not going to win any tournaments, but has potential to really hurt some stuff.
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