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Hi All,

I'm a few days into my latest Kickstarter Project - Modu-FAB.

Its already at over 300% funded with most of the bonus stretch goals unlocked!

More information here

The aim of this project is to not only produce some great looking 3D printable terrain, but also design it in such a away that it is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage and variety of builds.

As I like my terrain to set the backdrop to the games I have broken this kickstarter down into Themes.

Theme 1 an Industrial zone and is over 140 files including a crane, multiple walls and opening doors and Silos.

Already unlocked are additional pipes and connecting pieces

Theme 2 - an Armoured Enforcer Precinct set of all new walls, doors, roofs and accessories

Walls and Guard Towers

Theme 3 - Meat Processing Plant

Roof Mounted AA guns, Cannons and Search Lights

Theme 4 - Power Plant

Still to come is the final Theme - Fortress

Every theme is compatible with 1 another so the variety in final builds is huge.

Hope you can find time to take a look



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