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Modelling elysians?

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So imwould like to make a at first small Elysian army, as allies
I will be using the tempestus codex so I would like them to look a tad above average
I am NOT spending £40 on 10men when the gw box is half that, so forge worlds out
So I was wondering how I would go about it
I thought...
A) buying Chadian models and Elysian respirator heads
B) tempestus models with respirators
Any good? How dumn am I? Any better ideas?

Are the respirator heads any good and does anyone have any better pics than the crap ones FW put up?
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Personally the two options which Ive personally looked at (keen on elysians for myself) is either finding a re-casters eg "china cast" (think its called) or via a third party for bits one ive looked out is khromlech with the back packs and armored knee pads ( http://bitsofwar.com/17-humans ) with the combination of forge world heads and GW bodies as an option.

But one major reason that I personally haven't gone this rout is the lasguns "Mark IV Accatran Pattern" i love the look of the shortened lasguns with the odd grip on the top.

Thats about all i think.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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