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In response to Trueclaw's shooty wolf list....

Here's another approach to a volume of fire list but with Codex Space Marines...

  • Libby
  • 4 TL Las Razorback Tac Squads (2 full strength and combat squadded)
  • 3 Rifleman Dreads
  • 3 Typhoons
  • 3 Autolas Predators

-- I've run this one a bunch and it does very well... struggled a bit vs Horde Orks... but otherwise very solid.

Or another fun varient... the same as above but run Vindicators instead of Preds... :so_happy:

Or for Wolves
  • Rune Priest
  • 5 TL Las razorbacks
  • 3 Rifleman dreads
  • 3 Speeders
  • 3 x 5ML long fangs

--------- at some point, all good shooty Marine lists look the same --------

Which is why in my guide (linked below in my sig) I suggest that if you have 9 things that shoot hard every turn, then your list won't suck...

Ask me about Pins
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@ Isarofeen - LOL

OK, went home and worked out perhaps the ugliest Space Wolf high volume firepower list I could think of...

Rune Priest - Hangs out with 4 ML longfangs
2 x 5 ML Long Fangs
1 x 4 ML Long Fangs
4 x 5 man Grey Hunter Squads in Razorbacks (TL Las)
3 x Typhoon w/ Multi Melta
3 x Rifleman Dreads
Transport = 4 razorbacks w/ upgraded gun for the Grey Hunters and 3 more for the Long Fangs

So... lets count up the ugly... 3 LF, 3 Typhoons, 3 Rifleman, 7 Razorbacks = 16 shooting threats every turn (goes to 19 if I split fire on the LF)

My thought is that this would be more fun in tournament than it would be vs a casual player.
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