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Mo$t ex$pen$ive Model?

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I just finished my Librarian conversion for my SM army and it dawned on me that for one character it ended up being very expensive.

Lysander Blister: $30.00
Librarian Blister: $18.00
Green Stuff
(1/4 pkg.) : $6.00
Tomb kings box $22.00 (1/2 of a $45.00 box I bought for my 2 HQ's)

Total: $76.00!!

He looks cool and all but that WOW that's expensive for 1 dude!:puke:

How about you??.., What's your priciest character model?
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Exorcists here in Australia are expensive enough as it is.

Seriously, a Baneblade costs 160. The Exorcist comes in at a close second for 110. (By comparison, Land Raiders and Monoliths cost $85)

My battlewagon:
1x Chimera kit £20
Extra Tank wheels Sprure £3.50 (I think)
Extra tank Tracks £3.50 (I think)
Forgeworld deathroller £15
Scorcha parts £10
3x Dread Big Shootas £4.50 (I think)
4x Dead Rokkits £4 (I think)
1x Forgeworld Zapp Gun £10
Grot Crew £3
Plasicard and odds and sods £4
Aluminium Mesh £3

Total £80.50 (US $160.08, AUS $179.68, Euro 107.85, Estonia Krooni 1,687.39 or 0.173800 ounces of gold)

And I know the OP said Character models, but this does have plently of character.
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my Avatar 12 pounds
conversions dont have to be expensive im building a steam tank for my empire at a cost of about £5 in plasticard and most of my conversions are from left overs my most expensive conversions were probably my 4 man squat warband for inquisitor the hearth guard was made from ghazghull with a bolter from a landspeeder and an axe from gotrek plus random parts and car mesh
duz terrain count, cuz im building a big Necron thing out of styrofoam, foamboard, modling stuff and othe bits and bobs.
i reckon it will come to around £100ish.
My sm spy....devastator squad £20 land speeder £18 Tactical squad £18 total:£56!!!
it is actually just bits so it wasnt that expensive I used the antena thing off the speeder, kneeling legs,heavy bolter backpack and bionic eye head from the dev squad and a plasma gun,auspex, bodyand arms from the tac squad....hes awesome but can't get a pic up at the moment....
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