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Mo$t ex$pen$ive Model?

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I just finished my Librarian conversion for my SM army and it dawned on me that for one character it ended up being very expensive.

Lysander Blister: $30.00
Librarian Blister: $18.00
Green Stuff
(1/4 pkg.) : $6.00
Tomb kings box $22.00 (1/2 of a $45.00 box I bought for my 2 HQ's)

Total: $76.00!!

He looks cool and all but that WOW that's expensive for 1 dude!:puke:

How about you??.., What's your priciest character model?
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On a suit I just converted, I used 2 Suits worth of parts just on him, plus spare bits for testing...Probably 65 all told there...The plasticard would take it up another 10, greenstuff 6...So looking at 81 bucks, and not even finished yet.
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