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Mo$t ex$pen$ive Model?

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I just finished my Librarian conversion for my SM army and it dawned on me that for one character it ended up being very expensive.

Lysander Blister: $30.00
Librarian Blister: $18.00
Green Stuff
(1/4 pkg.) : $6.00
Tomb kings box $22.00 (1/2 of a $45.00 box I bought for my 2 HQ's)

Total: $76.00!!

He looks cool and all but that WOW that's expensive for 1 dude!:puke:

How about you??.., What's your priciest character model?
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that's why i don't bother with conversions unless I have a leftover piece from a sprue.
dude,I can't believe you spent that much for 1 dude didn't you price it out 1rst before buying?
Let me see if I have some leftover stuff I can sell you for $50.
this hobby costs way to much as is off the shelf. I will buy 2 sqds of marines in place of blowing it all on 1 model.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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