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Well, I've been playing Daemons for a while, now, and I like them quite a bit. Unfortunately, even playing in friendly games, I seem to be completely incapable of winning with them. Being my first wargaming army, it's not that surprising I suppose, but still very disappointing.

I had been playing a daemon army using the units and abilities I liked the most, but decided recently that I wanted to take things up a notch, now that I've gotten a feel for the army, in order to be able to compete to a degree with my friends.

The armies I'll be playing generally range from 1500 to 2000 points and so I've decided to make a 2000 point list, fine tune it, and then shrink it down as needed. The list I've come up with so far is as follows:


1 unit of 10 pink horrors (with bolt of tzeentch.) 180 pts
1 unit of 10 pink horrors (with changeling) 175 pts
3 units of 7 Plaguebearers 315 pts


1 Great Unclean One (Cloud of Flies) 165 pts
2 Heralds in Chariots (with master of sorcery, bolt of tzeentch, we are legion) 220 pts


1 units of 6 Fiends of Slaanesh 180 pts
1 unit of 5 fiends of Slaanesh 150 pts


2 Soul Grinders (with phlegm) 320 pts
1 Daemon Prince (iron hide, mark of nurgle, cloud of flies, noxious touch, daemonic flight) 215 pts

Fast Attack

1 unit of 5 screamers of tzeentch 80 pts

2000 points total, 14 units

I think this list will be fairly competitive while still allowing me to play some of my favorite units (soulgrinders and screamers and flying nurgle DPs being the big ones). I'd love to be able to find a place to fit in another fiend in my five fiend unit, though, and add might. I don't know what I'd take out. Another thing is, I've been wondering whether it's a good idea to have an even number of units. Would it be better to have an uneven number so that I could front load or back load depending on how I feel my opponent's army is going to play?

My biggest issue by far is figuring out how to split my army up. I think that it's one of the main reasons behind my loss streak and I'd love to hear some advice on general rules to follow while splitting a daemon army.

What I'm thinking about right now is to split them up like so:

First Wave

2 Soul Grinders
1 Great Unclean One
2 Pink Horrors Units
1 Herald in Chariot
1 Plaguebearers

Second Wave

1 Herald in Chariot
1 unit Fiends x6
1 unit Fiends x5
1 Nurgly, Nurgly Daemon Prince
1 unit Screamers
2 units Plaguebearers

I figure that breaking it up this way, I'll have a decent selection of redundant threats no matter whether the dark gods decide to like me or not, and options for most kinds of deployment situations. I worry that my second wave is a bit too fragile to survive against fast or shooty armies, though. One of my friends plays a goff ork army which has more than proved its ability to table my first waves with very little help from lady luck.

What do you guys think?

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Having the 1 flying MC stands out as a fairly obvious target. If you want to keep the Grinders, getting a pair of Bloodthirsters would work to give you that extra redundancy and target saturation. To make up points, you can drop a few PBs here and there and split your Horrors into more units to fit in more bolts.
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