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You may need to clarify that question more, because its difficult to understand what your asking.

I was just wondering... how many missing planets are there in the 40k universe? I don't mean ones that have been destroyed, or taken by warp storms... but ones that are in inaccessable areas of space, or because of some event, aren't where they are meant to be?
Try and grasp the concept of a Galaxy. They are literally huge beyond human comprehension. The majority of the Milky Way Galaxy (in 40k) has never even endured a human presence, let alone been colonised. Vast gulfs of space go unexplored and in some cases inaccessable.

Also, similarly... how many missing Space Marine legions are there?
Specifically Legions, only two (II and XI), and they are not necessarily missing - its just that no records exist of their dealings, whereabouts, names, origins, or anything else, we merely know that at one point they were founded (over 10,000 years ago) and then all records of them were erased.
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