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Army Name: Ultra Moo

Special Notes
- All of this talk about deathstar units and lists with deathstars in them made me think this up to destroy all other deathstars out there


Lord: Doombull: 347pts (with minotaurs)
- Heavy Armor
- Gnarled Hide
- Enchanted Shield
- Ogre Blade
- Dawnstone
- Potion of Speed


Hero 1: Gorebull: 272pts (with minotaurs)
- The Beast Banner
- Heavy Armor
- Shield

Hero 2: Bray Shaman: 135pts (with a unit of Gors)
- Lvl 2
- Dispel scroll
(haven't decided on lore yet)


Core 1: 20 Gors: 185pts
- Additional hand weapon
- Full command

Core 2: 20 Gors: 185pts
- Additional hand weapon
- Full Command

Core 3: 20 Gors: 185pts
- Additional hand weapon
- Full Command

Core 4: Tuskgor Chariot: 80pts


Special 1: 16 Minotaurs: 999pts
- Additional Hand Weapon
- Full Command
- Warrior Bane (on Champ)

Special 2: 5 Harpies: 55pts

Special 3: 5 Harpies: 55pts

Army Total: 2498pts

The idea here as you may have guessed is for the minotaurs, general and bsb to destroy everything on the table.

My core choices are basically fodder. I will have a unit of gors on either flank of the minotaurs and one in ambush. The chariot will support the Gors.

Harpies go war machine hunting.

Shaman is there basically for anti magic.

BSB and beast banner turns minotaurs from amazing to unstoppable and the re roll for frenzy restraint will be nice.

Doombull is designed for challenges. He becomes str 9 while in that unit with a re rollable 1+ armor save. When he engages in a challenge he will pop his potion and destroy the enemy character before it can strike.

Now from the minotaur unit against a unit to the front we will have 1 d3 + 4 str 6 impact attacks, 5 str 6 stomp attacks, 1 d3 str 7 impact attacks and 1 str 7 stomp attack. Then we have a total of 61 str 6 attacks against a unit to the front plus the 6 str 9 attacks from the Doombull. I challenge another death star to survive this.
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