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A range of 28mm Monsters for fantasy games focusing on our 85mm titan; the Zombie Hulk, a centerpiece for any zombie or skeleton horde!

"Monsters of Underdeep 2" gives you the opportunity to help fund the monstrous Zombie Hulk miniature. This titanic creature is part of our Zombie Abominations faction for our Underdeep range of miniatures.

Along with the Hulk many other fantastical monstrous brutes are also available such as the unstoppable Bugbear Ironshield, the primordial Lizardkin Deathscale and freakish Flesh Golem. All these miniatures are supplied with a 60mm round base and stand around 65mm to eyeline. The final miniature available as part of the initial funding goal is the huge Troll Patriarch supplied on a truly gigantic 90mm round base. These guys are all huge!!!

All of the miniatures provided are printed on a Solidscape 3Z Max, giving unbelievable printing quality... The miniatures are also provided in the highest quality resin available. The images do not do the miniatures justice in regard to the level of detail. If in doubt, please ask some of the previous backers in the comments section on our KS page.

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