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Hey guys (and gals?),

if some of you might have read, I stumbled upon the highly different point costs regarding heavy weapons for SMs.

While I can understand the logic about "usefulness" of heavy weapons in different troop types, I still think that especially the devastator costs are too high.

So I scanned through the codex and tried to come up with unified point costs for all equipment.
Most of it was quite easy, some where more difficult.

What I would like to ask of you know is to look through the list and tell me whether the costs seem ok or not - If you like.

This is only for friendship games of course and those of you who don't see good reason, please just ignore this.

Thank you all.

  • Scout armour free
  • Power armour 5 pts
  • Artificer armour 20 pts
  • Terminator armour 30 pts

Ranged Weapons
  • Assault cannon 35 pts
  • Auxiliary grenade launcher 15 pts
  • Bolt pistol free
  • Boltgun free
  • Combi-weapon 10 pts
  • Cyclone missile launcher 30 pts
  • Flamer 5 pts
  • Heavy bolter 5 pts
  • Heavy flamer 10 pts
  • Lascannon 25 pts
  • Meltagun 5 pts
  • Missile launcher 10 pts
  • Multi-melta 10 pts
  • Plasma cannon 15 pts
  • Plasma gun 10 pts
  • Plasma pistol 15 pts
  • Shotgun free
  • Sniper rifle free
  • Storm bolter 5 pts

Close Combat Weapons
  • Chainfist 30 pts
  • Chainsword free
  • Combat knife free
  • Lightning claw 20 pts
  • Power fist 25 pts
  • Power weapon 15 pts
  • Relic blade 30 pts
  • Storm shield 15 pts
  • Thunder hammer 30 pts

Additional Equipment
  • Camo cloak 3 pts
  • Combat shield 5 pts
  • Digital weapons 10 pts
  • Frag and krak grenades free
  • Hellfire rounds 10 pts
  • Hellfire shells 5 pts
  • Jump pack 15 pts
  • Locator beacon 20 pts
  • Melta bombs 5 pts
  • Teleport homer 15 pts

One word to the points: Some equipments seem higher than listed in the codex. This is because they are bought as replacement for other equipment.
So the cost of the replaced one had to be added to costs of the new one.

P.S: How the heck can I make the list better viewable? Can I insert tabs between the names and the cost?

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Not too sure on Terminator Armour: According to this list, a standard Marine Terminator would be 60pts, no equipment (30pts for Storm Bolter and Power Fist, 30pts for armour). Add on the cost of the Marine inside and that's, ooh, probably nearly a 70pt Termy.

Just my 2.5 Cents (Damn you GW Price Rises)

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