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Chaos Marines Chapter
Midnight Fangs
Chapter Master Harsu
Chief Librarian Zathos
1st Company Captain Zethas, Librarian Hardisan
2nd Company Captain Galoin, Librarian Jarsan
3rd Assault Company Captain Zenthus, Librarian Holan
4th Company Captain Watun, Librarian Moental
5th Company Captain Lisfan, Librarian Narsuan
6th Company Captain Corvanus, Librarian Draconas
7th Company Captain Thisfan, Librarian Garsatin
8th Company Captain Narsal, Librarian Rathius
9th Company Captain Karsul, Librarian Quintus
10th Company Captain Locton, Librarian Carvu (Deceased)

Chaos God of the Midnight Fangs


Lissitani is a Goddess of Chaos, slowly growing in power, she knows that if she gains favour in the eyes of the Dark Gods of Power, she can possibly become strong enough to rival them. She came into being when the Midnight Fangs disrupted the Warp by engaging the foul orks in the Warp, tearing open an entryway in the Warp for her to arise. She watched as the Midnight Fangs Space Marine Chapter destroyed the ork fleet, turning back to enter the Warp from which they arrived. This was where she made her move, slowly corrupting the Space Marines, whose patience had worn thin when the Imperial Inquisition had destroyed a part of their Chapter History along with a third of a Company. It did not take much for her to corrupt them, using subtle hints that the Inquisition had wronged them and they deserved revenge.
The Midnight Fangs entire Chapter had pursued the orks, and in one swift movement, the entire Chapter turned from the Emperor's Light. They dropped out of the Warp over their former Chapter world, Kairene, and descended upon an unexpecting populace. The Planetary Defence Force swiftly found themselves surrounded by the Midnight Fangs, and in less than three hours, more than three million PDF soldiers had been slaughtered. And the planet's populace found itself enslaved and being forced from their homes.
For twelve days and nights, the Midnight Fangs forced the world's population to construct numerous Idols of Chaos, Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch, but from where their Chapter Monastery once stood, they created a grand Temple to Lissitani, sacrificing more than half the populace in its mere construction. For an entire month, the Chapter Master stood in this Temple, meditating, and believed to be speaking with Lissitani.
Soon after Harsu, the Chapter Master, had left this place, did the Chapter suddenly feel stronger than before, and they were eager to test their new found strength. And test it they did, upon the Fortress World of Alvaria. The Imperial Guard had fortified this world to protect it from orks and Dark Eldar attacks, but they were not prepared for the Midnight Fangs tactics, using their Assault Marines to drop in, butcher the enemy from a squad up to an entire Platoon, then fade into the darkness that seemed to engulf the world. After two Assaults, the Imperial Guard were shaken, for not a single Midnight Fang had fallen during these assaults, and they had left devastation in their wake. After a fifth assault, many Imperial Guardsmen betrayed their fellows, opening the gates of the Hive Cities, allowing Midnight Fang Armour to roll on into the Hives literally unopposed.
The Terminators of the 1st Company however, were tasked to teleport into the heart of the Hive City Enrandas, to the Imperial Palace. Though they lost a few men in the Teleportation, the Terminators began the gruesome work of butchering all in the Palace, while the squads of Scout Marines blocked every entrance into the Palace grounds. Those who fled the Terminators were gunned down by the Scouts, and those who did not flee soon found themselves either missing a limb, or being dropped out of a window.
In three months, the entire Fortress World was under the Midnight Fangs iron grip. Thousands flocked to obey them, those who did not were enslaved and forced to work until death, building temples and Idols of the Chaos Gods, and as before, Lissitani had a grand Temple built upon the ruined Palace, where many were sacrificed to her, growing her power even more.
Now though, Lissitani had drawn unwanted attention from the followers of Slaanesh, as a small Emperor's Children force arrived at Alvaria. And Slaanesh did not like the idea of another Chaos God becoming strong enough to oppose him, he already had three others to deal with. But they were not the only ones to arrive, followers of Nurgle and Tzeentch soon arrived, followed closely by a battle-barge of the World Eaters, marking the arrival of Khorne. Facing almost certain destruction, Harsu ordered his entire Chapter back to Enrandas, and fortified the Hive City to such an extent, that it would challenge even warriors in Power Armour.
Khornate Warriors of the World Eaters were the first to drop onto the planet, hundreds of them storming up towards the warriors of Lissitani.But they found themselves lacking the desire to fight, finding a strangely soothing voice whispering to them, urging them to join the Midnight Fangs, which many proceeded to do so, butchering those who did not join them. Holstering their pistols, and sheathing their weapons, they marched into the Temple of Lissitani, each giving an oath of to follow her and her only. An oath that was quickly put to the test as the Plague Marines of Nurgle and the Thousand Sons of Tzeentch dropped and teleported together in order to face the Midnight Fangs and their new found World Eater allies.
And they found the same voice whispering to each of them, promising power and ancient forbidden lore for the Aspiring Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons, and offering entire worlds to be giving to the Plague Marines in exchange for their services. And as one, they joined the Midnight Fangs. Each marching up to the Temple, and giving the oath to Lissitani. The Thousand Sons were a little bit easier to persuade than the Plague Marines, giving that Lissitani only had to offer the Sorcerer instead of the entire squad.
The Noise Marines of Slaanesh however were more troublesome than the others, for Slaanesh had already developed a great hatred for Lissitani, and this hatred was made obvious as the Noise Marines attacked the Midnight Fangs. The different Sound weapons of the Noise Marines ended the lives of tens of Midnight Fangs, and a large number of their new-found Khorne allies, who had dived headlong into the Noise Marines. The Assault Squads readied themselves for the order in which they awaited, as the Khorne Berserkers hid themselves amongst the rubble of the Hive City. From the East side of the Hive, all the way to the West, Noise Marines found themselves being ambushed by the Khorne Berserkers, who continued to scream "Blood for the Blood God".
Whirlwinds and captured Basilisks fired upon any concentrated Emperor's Children forces, scattering them effectively, while the noose tightened around their Noise Marines' necks. They soon found themselves surrounded and were losing ground rapidly, as any form of a perimeter was shattered with a quick assault from the 3rd Company Assault Marines. With less than thirty Noise Marines left, Lissitani gave them an offer one last time, offering them their lives in exchange for their services. This offer was reluctantly accepted as the monsterous forms of Dreadnoughts and Predators rolled into view, along with two Land Raiders. It was a grand day for the new Chaos Goddess, she had managed to subdue the forces of the other Chaos Gods, and had her followers grow in greater size than anyone would have assumed possible in the short amount of time.

Lissitani's exploits were not unnoticed by the Gods, except Slaanesh, who simply wished to destroy Lissitani as quickly as possible. But Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch were all impressed with Lissitani's exploit, however reluctantly they found it hard to not find a flaw in her way with their followers. It was not long before a Cult of Obliterators arrived at Alvaria, eager to see what technology had been found in the ancient Factoriums of the Fortress World. They were followed by a small group of the Dark Mechanius, who were quick to inspect the designs of former Loyalist technology.
While Lissitani's power was growing, she made sure her followers in the Midnight Fangs were creating shrines to the other Dark Gods, excluding Slaanesh, who Lissitani angered even more by casting down the idols and shrines that had been built for him, all except one, in which to keep the Noise Marines happy.

Lissitani's forces looked hungrily at the nearby Forge World of Galatempest, for which they required many resources in which to construct their ships and weapons for their growing force. The Midnight Fangs and their allies of the Obliterators soon departed for Galatempest, using a few captured cargo ships which had been found moving towards the Forge World. While the invasion of Galatempest was underway, the Plague Marines found their offer from Lissitani waiting for them in the form of the nearby system of Helion, which had twelve planets literally waiting for plague and death to descend upon them, which it did, as the countless plagues and illness' spread across each of the twelve worlds. The forces of Khorne drew wary of the lack of battle, and were quickly unleashed upon a closing Imperial fleet, which was enroute to resupply and gather a few regiments of Imperial Guard.
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