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Zathos cursed the World Eaters for arriving when they did, his small Scouting force had found the Chaos Artifacts they were after, but the followers of Khorne had found them before the rest of the army could catch up and secure the site.

Countless cries of "Blood for the Blood God" rang through the air as the World Eaters charged towards the Midnight Fangs position, chainaxes and chainswords whirring as they ran.

"Over lapping lanes of fire, Gaolsan, make sure they don't take the Artifact!" roared Zathos, ordering the squad of Thousand Sons to defend the Artifact.

The Bikers were already roaring ahead to meet the enemy, bolt rounds and shrapnel bouncing into them, apparently doing next to nothing. Running into a squad of Berserkers, the Bikers proceeded to butcher them, losing only one follower, having been dragged off his bike and beheaded.

"Nurgle followers have their uses at times" thought Zathos, thumbing the hilt of his Daemon-weapon.

The bikers were following their orders perfectly, tearing through squad after squad to reach the Rhinos which were caught in the bottleneck, the flaming wreckage of their Land Raider blocking the path. It wasn't long until the three Biker units reached their targets, slapping meltabombs and krak greandes onto the hull, Biker Champion Jusoral using his Power Claw to tear through the hull and into the engine, damaging it severely.

Glancing to the Thousand Sons, Zathos smiled at the piles of World Eater Bodies that were amassed in front of the blue armoured warriors. He was even more pleased to see that one squad of World Eaters were charging towards him, crying their war cries, screaming their threats.

"Khorne shall have his blood, but from his followers, not from me!" he shouted, as he swung his Karalia Daemon-Weapon, cleaving two in half, before plunging his weapon into the chest of the Skull Champion. The World Eaters tried annoyingly to kill Zathos, whose Terminator Armour was shaking off their blows, using Karalia to continue butchering them. It was not long until the World Eaters were forced to withdraw, their Transports ruined and many of their brethren were dead.

The Thousand Sons had erected a wall of corpses, their bolters smoking, and Gaolsan was pleased to see the head of another Skull Champion added to his collection, his weapon gleaming with blood.

"Midnight Fangs! Our Thousand Sons Allies! Plague Marines! We have secured our objective! prepare to move out!" roared Zathos, slamming his heavy foot into the chest of a twitching World Eater, crushing his chest.

My latest Battle was Loot Counters, 2500 pts, i got two out of three counters :D his Land Raider kind of ran into my infiltrated Chosen, who slapped ten melta bombs onto its hull, all penetrate, three explosions :D

Zathos fought against a squad of 20 Berserkers, and came off with all his wounds intact, and plenty of their souls for his Slannesh weapon to feed off of.
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