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Hi all,

A little background first, been a while since I have been on here, nor played a game of 40k... In fact I havent played a single game of 6th edition yet... lots of theory hammer and lurking... but now I want to make a new army as an offshoot of my Heresy Era VII Legion Imperial Fists.

All this talk of the new Imperial Knight has brought me back to the Horus Heresy "Mechanicum" book and I wanted to make a cool army based on the Imperial Fists warring on Mars accompanied by a loyalist contingent of Skitarri Techno Guard

I will be using Tau as allies to represent the Admech detachment. Crisis suit commander, Riptide, and a squad of Fire Warriors or Kroot to represent the Skitarri Praetor, Cataphratii, and Hyspasist basic tech guard bodyguards. This detachment is will also include a Skyray and Sun Shark as armour and air support.

The army will use Heresy Era Imperial Fists modified for the WH30K and standard tau models as a basis for the modifications to keep the game mechanics of the units clear. I will be modifying the tau contigent with Space Marine Centurion/ Imperial bits bits to make them look more integrated, as well as custom work with greenstuff and dremel to give them more of an Adeptus Mechanicus look.

Since I am representing the VII Legion, my initial list revolves around the core of 4 full squads of tactical marines mechanized in rhino transports. 40 marines using rhinos for both mobility and LOS blocking terrain to advance on objectives midboard and hold the line from there. I will be playing a refused flank/ oblique order line of battle. I plan to place at least one large LOS blocking piece of terrain near the centre of the board as an anchor for my line of rhinos and marines. Imperial Fists have chapter traits that allow for rerolling 1's on ALL bolter- derived non vehicle weapons as well as Tank Hunters to Devastators and Centurions.

My plan is to use the staying power and good all-round qualities of tactical marines to pressure my enemy into trying to force me off the objectives. I will augment this with supporting fire from a unit of 3x Centurions armed with twin linked las cannons and missile launchers for move and shoot heavy anti tank work and area denial.

The Centurions will either move up in support of the tactical a or sit back in some terrain that my techmarine HQ has chosen to fortify before the battle.

The list will include two marine HQ's. A captain on a bike equipped for counter assault, and a techmarine on a bike that will be there to impede assaults that are trying to tie up my tactical squads. In combination with the rhinos, his should allow me to control the pace of combat and channel advancing squads into killzones and block charges to where my Bolter Drill can make the most impact.

My main punch of my Tau / Skatarri detachment will consist of a supporting commander and Ripetide loaded for bear. I will link the load out from a thread I read here on ATT. If I recall the commander uses the PEN, MSS, and C&C signature systems to buff a Riptide with HBC/ SMS, Stims and Velocity Vector for maximum anti air skimmer shots. They will be accompanied by 2x marker drones for the commander and two missile shield drones for the Riptide.

This unit should be able to annihilate a strong enemy unit each turn and severely limit how much a highly mobile army can dance around and try to isolate any of my units.

Running short of points at 2000, I am pondering a single troops choice of either fire warriors or kroot, as bait an assault blocking unit or babysitting back field objectives. In some games they will occupy the fortified terrain with the centurions. I am thinking of taking a Sky ray and SunShark as my additional anti air/ skimmer.

While not the best flyer at specialization, it is a highly mobile and versatile unit. Particularily for rear shotting highly mechanized Eldar skimmer spam

Here's some interesting thoughts on the humble Sun Shark:



I feel large block of marines are a solid choice against most armies. Having said that, I feel marines are always having issues with skimmer eldar and I have tried to formulate a force from my tau contingent that would feature units and load outs that are a strong counter to anti- air and anti skimmer .

Please let me know what you think my broad strokes and concept of this army and how you feel it would care in the current metagame.



so in broad strokes

Im thinking

Imperial Fist Chapter Tactics:

Bolter Drill, Tank Hunters on Dev Cents

Captain on a bike
Storm Shield, Teeth of Terra
Artificier Armor

4x full size tactical marine squads
rhino vet sgt power fist
melta gun, heavy bolter

2x Centurion Devastators
TTLC, Rocket Chests


Tau Allied Detachment

6x fire warriors or 10 kroot ( to represent Praetor retinue)

Hvy Burst Cannon
Velocity Tracker, Stims
2 shielded missile drones

Crisis Commander
2 shield drones

for those not familiar with the wrecking ball of potential this combo brings:


Skyray Missile Defence Gunship
Disruption Pod

Sunshark Bomber

TL Missile Pods
Disruption pod

I just realized this list is at least 100 pts over my 2k limit...

I am wondering if power fist in squads are still viable due to the new challange rule.... I have a vet sgt in each squad and am comtemplating taking out two of them so that I only have 2 vets sgts for the 4 squads and shaving some points there....

Any and all feedback would be great...

I really like the Tau contingent as a fun part of the army, the riptide combo and sunshark in particular are units I would like to paint up and play around with...

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You could always use Stormtalons over Sunsharks, and instead of a full Tau detachment, you could use the Firebase Support Cadre. I'm actually using that plus an army of Necrons to make a full 'Mechanicus' army.

Alternatively, you could use a Farsight list instead. Give the Riptide the Earth Caste Array, and it's probably more viable than bothering with the buff commander.

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Looking at my points cost and wieghing my options... Ive decided that I really like the LOOK of the sun shark, while needing the abilities of the Skyray...

To that, I will be converting up a Sunshark to serve as a Skyray, and extras set of wing from the skyray turret and make the footprint size near enough to be considered fair

I'm looking to do a good take all comers force... something that should be flexibile at everything... I feel like this army is designed to dig in near the centre of the board behind some LOS blocking terrain and force the enemy to come to it to dig them out... the large block of tacticals dig in and use their rhinos as mobile cover, once they're near the main objectives the rhinos are equally as useful as LOS block wrecks, and the Tau contingent is there as a mobile force designed to restrict the movement of high mobile enemy armies and defeat their aircraft and hard units in detail.

Tacticals move up and hug one side of central terrain in a refused flank. Centurions cover backfield to restrict flanking of abandoned flank, Riptide and commander jump-shoot jump from behind the central terrain feature to vapourize a unit per turn on the abandoned flank while jump moving back behind cover to avoid return fire. Skyray lurks near cover and lights up targets with networked skyfire markerlights, shoots down skimmers and flyers, then deploys cloer forard behind cover to block assaults and use the SMS shots that dont require line of sight.
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