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Mephiston possessed?

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I was flicking through the BA codex today, and noticed the last paragraph of Mephiston's entry, mentioning rumours about his black rage being replaced by something darker. Only Mephiston knows, and in time will reveal all.

So, could the something darker be a pact with the chaos powers? There's not much darker than that.
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I'd like to think it's something a little more twisted.
When a BA falls to the black rage they are said to re-live the last moments of sanguinius in his battle against Horus. I think that because Mephiston has fallen and managed to overcome the black rage he knows the truth of what happened.
Whatever that truth may be is now eating away at him and he knows that it will eventually destroy the Blood Angels.
Thats an interesting theory but I was thinking more along the lines of seeing what really happened during Sanguinius's last battle with Horus.
There has already been some speculation on other threads about what really happened when the Emperor faced Horus, how seeing Sanguinius dead didn't seem to bother him but seeing a custodes getting all toasty pushed him over the edge.
It's always been my guess that it wasn't Horus that killed Sanguinius, it was the Emperor.
Sanguinius and Horus were very close before the Heresy, what if, during their last confrontation, Horus manged to talk him round and turn him against the Emperor?

Horus is distracted by the Custodes and the Emperor kills Sanguinius, Horus is distraught at the loss of his closest brother and loses control, the Emperor uses this to finish him off as well.

If Mephiston has seen this as a result of falling to the black rage and has come out of the other side then that would put the future of the whole Chapter in jeopardy. Maybe he sees the need to fight for the preservation of humanity but knows that the Empire is built on lies. That the God Emperor is nothing more than a sham.
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Well it would seem that the Knights of Blood are already doing just that, maybe thats the way things are going?
Correct me if I am wrong but don't the death guard have visions of tweetys' death at the hands of HORUS? If the emperor killed him it would be a bit odd wouldnt it?
I'm assuming you mean Death Company and not the icky Nurgle types?
It's hard to know exactly what goes on when a Marine falls to the black Rage. My theory was just speculation based on other 'conspiracy' theories.
What if Mephiston has seen something that he probably wishes he hadn't?

Of course there could be other answers, maybe he is possessed, maybe Sanguinius was too sorely tested and did turn to Chaos. Maybe, he was forced to go by the Emperor despite forseeing his own death.
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