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Mephiston possessed?

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I was flicking through the BA codex today, and noticed the last paragraph of Mephiston's entry, mentioning rumours about his black rage being replaced by something darker. Only Mephiston knows, and in time will reveal all.

So, could the something darker be a pact with the chaos powers? There's not much darker than that.
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or just maybe the great one is dracula in disguise and will pop up and say "Ha fooled you all" just something to lighten the mood, after all we have men with wolves why not proper Vamps....
hmm and saying that seeinf as mepheston recovered as it were who's to say that he's not come back with the taint of horus strong in him and is guiding the blood angels to thier doom....the blood angels are created with sanguinus's holy blood as it were and as you say he tried to vamp out horus so yeah i can see that,
so if you like in a sense then Horus never truekly died and he is alive and well and living in the blood of his also dead brother and every single blood angel + thier successor chapters oh if that were true wouldn't Abaddon be rubbing his hands in glee....one of the believed nobility of all the loyalists not just running round with the blood of thier gene sire but the arch traitor too hee he that would make one hell of a story to write and on the subject of Mephiston he sure is taking a lot of interest in Rafen too
look foward to seeing it mephiston materilises traits of horus lol the imperium is doomed
i never thought of it like that and then if you think that Mephiston is aware of the Emperors great betrayal yeah that really would put the preverbial blood amongst the angels. then again lets face it, the Emperor betrayed Magnus by sending the wolves in (probably jealous that magnus was getting more powerful imho) and he sent an assassin after Curze so that might fit.
And Serpion i like it lol
sometimes it seems the pskers know best and who better then the lord of death himself
no wonder the rotting corpse wants to eat thier souls for all thier power....hmmm
well if the emeperor did kill one of the most noble Primarchs imagine the uproar amongst the others who had sided with the emperor, i mean as far as i know the angel saw the best in everyone no matter what and he was popular...somehow i think that the powers that be could not allow the truth to be told so it was easier to blame Horus as he was already mad in thier eyes and the crime of the father covered up "Its ok we'll say Horus did it that will keep the Blood Angels in line" no wonder Mephiston seems a little distracted of late,.
1 - 8 of 39 Posts
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