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Mephiston possessed?

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I was flicking through the BA codex today, and noticed the last paragraph of Mephiston's entry, mentioning rumours about his black rage being replaced by something darker. Only Mephiston knows, and in time will reveal all.

So, could the something darker be a pact with the chaos powers? There's not much darker than that.
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I like the way that norm thinks but i believe that sanguinus fell to the black rage and tried to eat horus like a actual vampire and the emporer showed up to bring him back to himself but horus stabbed him in the back... sounds like something that would cast doubt on the blood angels after all drinkng the corrupted blood...
yeah. thas where the black rage come's from its not the red thirst overpowering its horus taint that sanguinius vamped out and mephiston knows this and is keeping it to himself cause he doesn't want to deal with the inquisition.... or he likes it and is slowly working to drag the rest of the angels
Abbadon doesn't know that this has appened though... abbadon believes the common theory about it being that the black rage being the psycic shock of thier primarchs death
OOH i'm sooooo gonna write this up!
ooh yeah thats interesting. but would they become chaos pawns or would they follow something along the lines of the soul drinkers. defending humanity from both chaos and the imperium
1 - 6 of 39 Posts
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