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Mephiston possessed?

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I was flicking through the BA codex today, and noticed the last paragraph of Mephiston's entry, mentioning rumours about his black rage being replaced by something darker. Only Mephiston knows, and in time will reveal all.

So, could the something darker be a pact with the chaos powers? There's not much darker than that.
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As Magnus made a pact with Tzeentch to stop the flesh change...

Mephiston made a pact with Khorne to stave off the blood thirst.

imo :biggrin:

As with all things chaos, it will eventually turn around and bite him in the ass.
Ooh, conspiracies abound. A chaos pact, a secret truth, daemonic possession.

I for one will NEVER trust the Blood Angels again. Even being second party to such taint is inviting trouble...

Maybe he is trying to hasten the fall of the BA by making it look as if it need not be feared so much anymore. Incite a level of recklessness.

Cunning little Tzeentchy daemon.
look foward to seeing it mephiston materilises traits of horus lol the imperium is doomed
DANTE: "Hey, uh, Mephiston? I`ve been meaning to ask you... You`ve gotten pretty tall these past few weeks, and I`ve noticed that you seem to be praying an awful lot lately. Is there something on your mind?"

(Mephiston turns around)

DANTE: "...So, uh, where`d you get that nifty lightning claw from?"
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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