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Mephiston possessed?

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I was flicking through the BA codex today, and noticed the last paragraph of Mephiston's entry, mentioning rumours about his black rage being replaced by something darker. Only Mephiston knows, and in time will reveal all.

So, could the something darker be a pact with the chaos powers? There's not much darker than that.
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Perhaps his head will explode and some form of psychic energy will open a massive warp rift to let an army of daemons through. Might not happen but is certainly theatrical enough.
Perhaps Mephiston is a tzeentchian daemon in disquise. Maybe the librarian he was actually died and then this daemon decided to mimic a more powerful version to him and it would explain why he has no red thirst-since he was never a blood angel. Maybe being on holy ground like the blood angels homeworld Baal has slowly diminished this diguise so that why the darkness is emerging-the daemon is slowly being revealed. Wonder what this guy does next, perhaps he murdaslises half the blood angels before dying. Brilliant!
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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