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don_mondo said:
Cadian81st said:
Yeah, but vets can't deepstrike, nor do frags and kraks come standard. Stormies also get a better save than vets. I understand the point though about deepstriking and being trapped for a turn, so I think I might infiltrate instead. You have to be 12" away from an enemy model, but I cans still move, shoot, and assault. So that way, I can move up six, shoot at some of them w/ my plasma gun and pistol, and my melta, and then assault the next vehicle that's there.

Oh and LongBeard, that's how much my seven man squad w/ infiltrate, MB, meltagun, plasmagun and pistol, and powersword. I took the plasmagun because I figure their BS is slightly better, and their armor is better too, so I can risk it. Plus, it's got more range.
Two words. Drop Troops. Yes, Vets can Deep Strike. And they already have Infiltrate thrown in for free. And since I expect them to die anyways, I don't really worry about whether their save is 4+ or 5+.
*smacks head* I'm a $#%# idiot. Drop troops is one of my doctrines, and I forgot all about the deepstriking. Shows you how often I play, right? :) Meh well, I'm still taking them as stormies because at least they'd last longer (they are a suicide death squad) and thus be more likely to accomplish their mission.

cccp, I know they make packs of stormies with assault weapons, but I'm a conversion nut, so I took recycled some figures I don't use anymore (extra assault weapons, tank crew, heavy weapons teams etc.) and turned them into a stormtrooper squad. GS'd some arm and leg pads too. Anyway, I only had one melta and one plasma in my bitz box, so I decided to arm them with one of each. The plasma guy doesn't look that great anyway, so once I get another meltagun, he's probably gonna be shelved.
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