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The Medusian 1st infantry regiment is filled with some of the(admissibly few) survivors of Medusa V. The regiment originally consisted of 15,000 men and was sent out only one day before the fall of Medusa V began. They were posted to the planet Darrok and fought a bitter campaign to defend against the dark eldar raiders. A double blow was struck on the day they learned of their planets destruction as their regiment lost 7,900 men in a single raid. Eventually they would make their way to the ghoul stars but not before taking on no less then 100 regiments of imperial guardsmen including the 297th cadian infantry regiment, Valhalla 29th infantry regiment, accidentaly taking on the 8th Dannakan artillery,the 209th Praetorian infantry regiment, and the 111th Enjo storm Trooper regiment. They currently have 27,500 men(only about 2,000 are from the original regiment) and are on the world Regaren putting down revolts among local PDF and a Squat uprising. They are having little success and they are asking for help from other nearby regiments.
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