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What do you mean, "taking on"? They fought and defeated 100 regiments? They took them in and absorbed 100 regiments worth of survivors? It seems rather unlikely. 100 different cultures in a single unit would be a nightmare. And while there have been times when very differing types of regiments have been tossed together due to loses, to my understanding that's a rarity.

The idea of a single (relatively small) regiment defeating 100 regiments is hard to believe.

Also the Squats got wiped out a while ago. If your force existed back while they were alive, I don't think the Squats had a PDF. They were fiercely independent. And Terra pretty much let them do whatever in exchange for technology and their rare mineral resources.

Also a regiment wouldn't request help from other regiments directly (generally). They'd request additional reinforcements through the chain of command. The chain of command would eventually hit the Departmento Munitorum who would weigh the costs of benefits of sending additional forces.
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