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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to get a feel what everyone has on in the background while they hobby. With the current free time some have had due to lockdowns across the globe (or lack of if you are key workers) how many of you have some form of media on in the background?

I flit between watching batreps, music from grimdark sources ( Warhammer World soundtrack, Space Marine OST, tribute mixes, etc) or even films playing- you want Grimdark and a source of Chaosy goodness, watch Event Horizon (y)

Anyhow, Depends on the mood, time of day, etc. I know a couple prefer absolute silence- why?! Each to their own.

Regardless, what gets your hobby juices flowing in full swing? What inspires you to be creative and hit your grimdark button? Post in the comments and lets get a discussion going :)
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