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Mechanicum W.I.P

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I've decided to build a Mechanicum army now that FW have an army list for them. I will be adding some of the FW to the army but I'll be kitbashing most of it.

For starters I've started working on my Arch Magos/Magos Prime. He's a very early w.i.p so don't judge him too harshly :good:

Like I said he's very early wip a lot of the chaos icons will be covered up and the "tabard" is kind of a canvas for loads of power cables. Once the greenstuff hardens I'll begin adding more power cables around his waist and begin working on his robes.
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I saw the title and thought this was a FW mechanicum plog. I'm now happy it isn't

I'm impressed with the conversion, it looks very good, and is very original. The only thing I can think for you to improve upob is the greenstuff cloth at the back of the model, I think it needs some more folds for it to look like a cloth tabard.

I enjoy kitbashing a lot more than buying the official minis, I will always kitbash when I have the option.

The cloth tabards will be covered in "power cables" like the space marine tech marines, there will be bits of cloth visible underneath and I'll be going over them again once the canvas has hardened.

I've ordered some pewter wire cables because guitar string is a nightmare. it works fine for the little bits I will need it for but that's not very much.
Excellent! Like orks, I think mechanicum should all look unique and interesting, and I'm keen to see where you take this army. Do you have a size or structure in mind?
I have some ideas, I've got ideas for 2 more HQ, a female Arch Magos and a Magos Dominus. I've got a rough plan for making a unit of Castellax (SM Centurions with IG sentinel legs), for the main troop choices I'm just going to order some FW tech-thralls. The Tech-tralls and a unit Vorax will be the only FW miniatures I'll be buying.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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