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Mech-ing up - 1000pts

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I play Iyanden with my eldar and my 2000pts army has only walkers in it and no tanks what so ever. However i felt that sometimes a Tanka rmy would be useful. so using what i have i have wrote up this list. I would like it better with more Jetbikes(6+) but i only have 3 at the mo and taking 3 is suisidal(that and moeny is too tight to work on get this the bikes at the mo). Anyway here it is and i'll expalin it;

Farseer w/ Singing Spear, Guide - 78pts
Dire avengers w/ x2 Catapult Exarch, Blade Storm - 152pts
Wave Serpent w/ EML, Cannon, Stones - 140pts
10 Guardians w/ Scatter laser, Enbolden Warlock - 125pts
Wave serpent w/ Scatter laser, Stones - 125pts
5 Fire Dragons - 80pts
Falcon w/ EML, Stones - 145pts
Prism w/ Holo-fields - 150pts

Total - 995pts
Everyone will be in the transport they are above. the farseer will be with the Dragons.
the guardians and Avengers willfill the enemy with holes(and blade stroming) before runnign back into there transports if able and retreating. the Falcon will drop of the Dragons in frount of tough armor as get away but still lend support to them. The Prism will shoot at what ever it feels like :biggrin:.
Know before you all say 2But why don't you have Jetbike?" i only have 3 and becuase my Nid army is still small and my Criomson saprtans army has FINALY got a good 2000pts list i'm working on them for the time being so there isn't the moeny to get them. However other critisums are welcome...................within reason *stares at random person*:wacko:
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WHY are u running DEFENDER GUARDIANS in a damn wave serpent. They are at best objective campers. THEY CAN NOT JUMP OUT AND PWN A UNIT like dire avengers with doom can.
Thus drop holofields off the fire prism cause not really needed if u position and move it correctly. Then with points from that and dropping guardians and warlock buy another sqaud of dire avengers.
Another thing which would be beneficial to this list would be doom but i cant see how u could get enough points to take both doom and guide. I mean doom would be better as dire avengers will hit on 3+ not bad but then when it comes to wounding agaisnt marines 50% chance .

But besides those i cant see much else wrong.
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