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Mech Heavy 1750 list

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Hiya guys. Got a new 1750 list. Calibre is I wanna have fun with it but at the same time I would like to win my fair share of games. So here it is:


CCS w/Master of Ordnance, Lascannon and Reg Stdrd

2 Commissars
Primaris Psyker


PCS w/ 4 meltas

2 IS w/2 AC+ 2 GL
2 IS

Spec weps w/3 flamers

30 Conscripts

Vets w/ 3 plasma guns + AC



Valkyrie w/rocket pods



LR Squad w/ 2 Executioners


Alright so what's gonna happen is this: HQ at back giving orders 3 IS with all the heavy weps and commissar and all near the CCS. PCS/spec weps in Vendetta/valkyrie. Valkyrie may carry Vets but they are also there to give more substantial fire other than lasguns. Couple of IS with Psyker whilst he gives twin linked to the Executioners or any other units that need it and IS can offer fire support and fodder. The conscripts with a commissar with 1st rank fire 2nd rank fire and well with Psyker near them that's just open season.
Demolisher...well good anti-tank and can kill lotsa infantry put it next to either infantry or executioners for whatever support is needed and well Basilisk is just chucking down pie plates as needed. Maybe still some guys in front/around it for defence.
Anyways leave comments any advice welcome.
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Just coming back to the game after a hiatus myself, so here to pose more of a question to that list rather than a critique.

But how does this list deal with fliers? Honestly asking here since I have a *lot* of catching up to do.
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