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Here is my list:
Jetfarseer-with stone,spear,doom,fortune,runes of witnessing

10 Dire avengers-stock no exarch no bladestorm
Wave serpent-Tl Bright lance,stones,vectored engines
6 bikes-2 cannons
5 avengers-shimmer shield exarch w/defend eldrad goes in there

3 vypers-2 star cannons,1 shuriken cannon

2 Fire prims-halo fields,vectored engines,stones
Falcon-EML,HAlo fields,vectored engines,stones


First game was against this tau list
Shas'o-missile,plas x2
2 bodyguard-w/missile plas x2

3 squads of 10 kroot
2 squads of 12 firewarriors in devilfish-all tricked out

2 hammerheads-all tricked out
1 broadside with 2 shield drones

second games was against mech salamanders
3 squads of 5 tactical marines-with a meltgun in each
in 3 razorbacks-with Tl lascannons,and extra armour
5 Ass termies-3 claws,2 hammers
land raider redeemer-extra armour,multi melta
2 speeders w/2 multi meltas,and heavy flamas
land raider redeemer-same as above

3 game was againsts elfzilla
striking scorpions
3 squads of 18 guardians with eldar missile launchers
warp spiders
2 wraithlords

I take 5 out of 20
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