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I am Alex.

I collect 'Nids mostly, but i am going insanely all-out for Apocalypse.

List of armies i will be collecting:

'Nids (Obvo!)
Marines (Termies r pwnage!)
Guard (Baneblade!! zOMG!!!)
Demonhunters (w00t! Callidus!)
Tau (Broadside Battlesuits! Need i say more?)
Necrons (Pariahs r cool)
Eldar (Insane psyker s**t!)

I might chuck in a few random units from other armies too.

Will post a complete 3k point army list in a few days in Apocalypse section!


How do you all get those cool animated bits in ur sigs? they all say heresy online, so is there a function on this website for ir or what?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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