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McNeill's next Heresy novel

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Well im not sure on what the hell it could be about but Graham McNeill has given a clue about his next Horus Heresy novel, on what he is doing to prepare for it.

Graham McNeill said:
I’ve just finished Aaron’s The First Heretic, and all I’ll say is that when you have some of that hard-earned cash to hand, you should get yourself to your nearest BL webstore and purchase yourself a copy. It’s a cracking read, and is a sterling addition to the Horus Heresy range. Coming hot on the heels of my reading of Nemesis and Prospero Burns, I know I’ve got a lot of work to do in order to make sure my next Heresy book really takes flight. To that end I’ve been reading a comparative study of dreaming in the world’s religions to get some solid background research done, so I’ll let that percolate in your minds to figure out what it might be about. I’ll be telling you more about this later…
Dreaming... sounds very interesting. Looking forward to more news of this. And more praise for The First Heretic, its taking too long to release it.
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I agree with Dark Angel. It doesn't sound like a Space Marine focused novel, im guessing something to do with psykers.
Yes but James Swallow is writing the Blood Angels, he's already confirmed that.
If its Calth then McNeill should be writing the Ultramarines side, and ADB the Word Bearers side.
McNeill's upcoming short story in Age of Darkness will start a new story arc in the Heresy, but thats likely the Iron Warriors. So I don't think research into dreaming is prudent for the Sons of Perturabo.
I wonder if Graham McNeill is talking about the past religions from Terra. If indeed he's talking about multiple religons. Maybe some more insight about the stories and religions myths somehow dealing with Terra's/mankinds/The Emperor's past. He kind of did this in Mechanicum.
That... sounds possible. Graham McNeill is the only one whose written the Emperor in more then a few lines, or a single scene. The Last Church was quite good, maybe he is going to delve into Terra's past and the rising of the Emperor. Certainly would be cool.
It certainly would be cool if they explored his 30 millenia of history, but I can't see it ffitting into the context of the HH.
The Last Church didn't fit into the HH category either but it was still written, and was quite good.
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