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McMuffin's artwork

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now i know i am not a fantastic artist, but i really enjoy drawing, and i decided that i would show off 2 of the drawings that i have done of chaos champions.
the first drawing is a skull champion of khorne, which i entered in last year's games day art competition U-15s category, but i didn't win, so this year i hope to win it. here he is
. i was pretty happy with the chain on his axe.

and my second champion of khorne

i will try to get my other stuff scanned next week, so i might have some more pics up, in which case i will have 2 more chaos guys and a couple of space wolves. so leave a comment if you want, and tell me if you think there is anything i should change or anything i should try to do differently. :)
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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