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Wargaming tiles with integrated lighting. For use as game boards or with corridors as dungeon style gaming tables for 28mm games

The Maze of the Dead is a fully customisable dungeon style gaming board which allows you to place walls in a totally different configuration every time you play.

Each gaming board is made up of a detailed base board, wall sections and corner sections. Each wall and corner section has a magnet in the bottom and each base board has an array of magnets placed in the top. These magnets allow you to place the walls in position and hold them so that they won’t move during play. You can even pick your boards up and move them and all the walls will remain in place.

Each base board contains one set of LED lights in either of the following colours, green, red or blue which need 2AA batteries each. Each set contains 20 lights and these are spaced around the underside of the base to light it up. The lights are slotted and glued in place using a new quicker method to secure them in place than the previous integrated buildings. The battery pack then slots into the edge of the board and Velcro can be used to prevent it from moving.

check it out here


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