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May the light of the Emperor shine on you all.

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I'm Roel, a Dutch 40k player and looking for a friendly forum with a positive attitude and hope that I found that here.

As the title might suggest I'm an Imperial player with mostly Imperial guard. I also have space marines of several chapters and one of my later allies an Imperial Knight which is just an awesome model.

I also dabble with the dark forces of Chaos Daemons, but only when the Emperor isn't looking...
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I started playing fantasy when I was 13 so that's been a while back, so 18 or 19 years ago? 40k came later, at the end of 3rd.
Thanks for the welcome all.

welcome to the forum! would look forward to seeing your armies, the Army showcase section is perfect for things like that
I'm redoing the paint job on most of my models and on top of that new ones as well! With a full time job and a family. It isn't going fast. I'll post some models when they are done!

The light!
It burns us!

May the eye of terror look on you lovingly.

(Welcome to heresy.)
A little light never killed anyone and takes care of any heretics pale skin!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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