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Voting for

Voting in this deathmatch should be based not just on painting skill, but also for application of different painting techniques, individual artist improvement, creativity and originality etc.

In order to vote, you must pick your favourite 3 entries and list them in order of favourite to least favourite. For example I would vote:

1) Dave T Hobbit (favourite)
2) humakt (second favourite)
3) Viscount Vash (third favourite)

If you vote for an entry as your favourite that entry will recieve 3 points, if you vote for an entry as your second favourite it will recieve 2 points and if you vote for an entry as your third favourite it will recieve 1 point. Once voting is finished I will add up all of the results and the winner will be announced.

If you have entered but do not cast your vote, then no votes for you will count. This is to encourage voting and to ensure that we at least get some votes.

Anybody voting who has less than 100 posts to his/her name will be disqualified from voting to eliminate cheating as although it is a non-competitive event, we are still taking precautions against cheaters (this rule does not apply if you are a participant).

Voting will close at midnight GMT on 10 June 2014. Any votes cast after this time will be disregarded. If you do not vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd then your vote will also be disregarded.

Awards are as follows:
Participation: 1 reputation
3rd Place: 2 reputation
2nd Place: 3 reputation
1st Place: 4 reputation, receive Mark of Slaanesh during the quarterly Heresy Online Awards


The Entries are below. There are more photographs of some entries in the Entry Thread:






Deus Mortis


Howzaa - as Howzaa won last month he cannot win this month



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1) Nordicus
2) DasiyDuke
3) Moriouce

Great painting all round folks!

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It is fine for me; anyone else have this issue?
Working fine for me on chrome.

Once again there's 5 models I want to vote for, but only 3 i can...

1) Raven_Jim
2) Nordicus
3) Lokideathclaw
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