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MaxMini.eu have added the Bionic Bits set to their online store.
This set contains:
- 2 pair of arms (2 left arms, 2 right arms)
- 2 pair of legs (2 left legs, 2 right legs)
- 2 heads
- 6 hands (2 x left, 2 x right, 2 x servo hand)

Designed to fit 28mm "heroic" scale miniatures.
Sculpted by FreakForge.

Not entirely sure about scale as to whether they'd be suited to guard sized models, or SM sized models. But I'd lean towards SM sized if I had to guess.

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Not a huge fan of the hands but the rest of them seem pretty cool. The heads don't look too much different to most Sm heads with bionic eyes but still very good.
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