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Welcome Heretics! The first ever Fantasy Tactica Wars is officially under way! Eight competitors are ready to duke it out in the first round, and of course, we need you to vote and tell us why your choice should win. Once these matches have ended, only 4 people will be left standing. So good luck to everyone, play fair, don’t argue (too much), and have a good time reading all of the matches.
Now let’s get on with the battles!

Match 2- Vaz vs cco12

The Ogre's Kingdom

-Vaz will be taking the top table edge
-cco12 will be taking the bottom table edge


Army Name: Spawn of Kholek

Special Notes
- Karnaks Spell Preference - (Lore of Nurgle) - 2, 6, 1, 5, 4, 3. (Against Dwarves Bretonnia, and Lizardmen, change the order of 1 and 4 around).
- Power Dice - 4 (2 Basic, 1xL2 Sorceror)
- Power Stones - 0
- Dispel Dice - 3 (2 Basic, 1xL2 Sorceror)
- Dispel Scrolls - 0
- Notes - Will of Chaos


Hero 1: (Karnak Headsplitter): (225pts)
- (Sorceror Level 2, Mark of Nurgle, Infernal Puppet, Palanquin)


Core 1: (Suneater Tribesmen): (157pts)
- (23 Marauders, Mark of Khorne, Great Weapons, Standard Bearer, Musician)

Core 2: (Stormbather Tribesmen): (182pts)
- (28 Marauders, Mark of Khorne, Great Weapons, Standard Bearer, Musician)

Core 3: (Chieftains of the Suneaters): (116pts)
- (5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Mark of Nurgle, Light Armour, Musician)

Core 4: (Chieftains of the Stormbathers): (116pts)
- (5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Mark of Nurgle, Light Armour, Musician)


Special 1: Spawn of Kholek: (231pts)
- (3 Dragon Ogres, Great Weapons)

Special 2: (Warp Drakes): (231pts)
- (3 Dragon Ogres, Great Weapons)

Special 3: (Avatars of the Suneater): (239pts)
- (3 Dragon Ogres, Additional Hand Weapons, Champion)

Army Total: (1497pts)



Rune of Smiting

Master Engineer
Rune of Might, Rune of Resistence

Dragon Slayer
Master Rune of Swiftness

30 Warriors

15 Quarrellers
Great Weapons

15 Thunderers
Vet with 2 pistols

10 Hammerers
Rune of Slowness

10 Miners
Mining Charges

Grudge Thrower

Flame Cannon

-Dispel Dice: 5

Good luck to both competitors. Once I receive the tactics from both players, I will unlock the match, post the tactics from both players, and everyone will be able to vote in this match.

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Guys, I am very sorry for getting this match up. I truely apoligize to the players of this match, and for the other participants for delaying their finished as well.

Anyways, without further ado...

Set Up
Okay, so I imagine the Dwarven forces will be all nicely holed up with their Grudge Thrower and Flame Cannon, maybe the Thunderers and Quarrellers in the little Clearing in the Bottom Left, giving them a nice vision of the entire battlefield.

The Hammerers, Miners (as I can't see them using Hidden Deployment in this game, due to my Speed or combat capabilities etc) and Warriors will probably be in the second clearing on the right.

As such, the Suneater Tribesmen (with Karnak residing in) will deploy immediately opposite the 30 Strong Warriors - the Quarrellers and the Thunderers will make a mess of them, and I don't feel too good about putting then in range. The Stormbather Tribesmen flank those, in a slightly staggered formation, so that I both hide the second Marauders from the Fire of the Grudge Thrower, and the -1 to hit from the MoN Sorceror means that the Dwarves hit on 6's with their Quarrellers (and the Handguns still hit on 5's, yes!). Spawn of Kholek, and Avatars of the Suneater (a GW Unit and a 2Hand Weapon Dragon Ogre Unit) go opposite the Gunnery Lines of the Dwarves. The last unit go with the Marauders. The Horsemen deploy on the far side, nearest to the table edge, near the tree.

In the first turn, the Marauders move as fast as possible forwards, with the second unit still just covered by the first Sorcerors guards.

The Dragon Ogres Steamroller forward - the Marauder Horsemen keep out of Line of Sight, hiding behind the 2nd Dragon Ogre unit.

Turn 2, the Spawn of Kholek Dragon Ogres charges the Dragon Slayer. It can't kill a Dragon Ogre, so they're safe to attack it, even despite the MRoSwiftness,and in return, I wound him on 2's - 6 attacks should be able to kill him. The other Dragon Ogres charge the Hammerers, although the Rune of Slowness may stop them, I doubt that 5 Str5 attacks will kill the Dragon Ogres. In return, I ignore the armour, and wound on 2's.

The other Dragon Ogres goes for the Ranged troops - hopefully the overrun would take them nearer to the Ranged troops.

The marauders move closer, and I use the Free Reforms of the Fast Cavalry to get into the rear of the Dwarven Miners, or prepare to move through the woods, and take the War Machines out.

After killing the Ranged units, the 2 western Dragon Ogres turn around, and get ready to flank the Warriors, the Dragon Ogres killing the Hammerers turn around and get ready to target the flank/rear of the Warriors, just as the Khorne Marauders make their Presence felt.


I doubt I'd get much off, but using Buboes, target the Rune Priest first of all, followed by the Dragon Slayer. I'm not sure what my other spell is, but I'm hoping that it's Quagmire, or Rot. If it's rot, I 1 Dice Buboes, and 3 Dice Rot, otherwise I 2 dice Buboes and any other spell.

Shooting. Heh.

Combat Just explained that in Movement. Still, hit with a big stick using sharp side until other person doesn't breath any more.

cco12 said:
This is the 4th time that I am writing
my tactics (my internet sucks) so anyways, the runesmith joins the warriors, who have 7 to a rank and the master engineer joins the grudge thrower. The warriors has the miners and ironbreakers on either flank, the infantry will advance on the marauders. My war macines deploy in the southwest and pound the marauder units. The thunderers and quarrelers focus on gunning down the dragon ogre units. They deploy ten men to a rank. The slayer focusses on finishing off depleted dragon ogre regiments. depleted dragon ogre units.
All the matches will end on Thursday/Friday. So get your votes in!

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I think Vaz has this one. I don't see the Dwarfs being able to cope with 9 Dragon Ogres all that well. If they focus on killing them the marauders will run riot, if they don't it is just a matter of time before the Dragon Ogres make a mess of the Dwarfs. Though I would like to see a game like this played out, it would make an interesting match to watch.

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got to be Vazwith 9 dragon ogers, and in depth tactics, he has the game plan and drive to win this battle. however, i can imagin cco12 playing this a bit by the ear, as i do.with a balanced, hard hitting army, cco12 nearly got it, but the lay out of vaz's tactics and the major lack of hill means that vaz wins.

edit-just realised that my colour choice was off.
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