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Match 1- Dafistofmork vs Wolf Lord Skoll

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Welcome Heretics! The first ever Fantasy Tactica Wars is officially under way! Eight competitors are ready to duke it out in the first round, and of course, we need you to vote and tell us why your choice should win. Once these matches have ended, only 4 people will be left standing. So good luck to everyone, play fair, don’t argue (too much), and have a good time reading all of the matches.
Now let’s get on with the battles!

Match 1- Dafistofmork vs Wolf Lord Skoll

Deserts of Nehekhara

-Dafistofmork will be taking the top table edge
-Wolf Lord Skoll will be taking the bottom table edge


Army Name: The Deamons of War and Disease

Special Notes - Blood Render with blood crushers, bonemaster (general) with blood letters, the bringer of pain with plague bearers.


Hero 1: 1 Herald of Khorne: 150 - The Blood Render
- juggernaut

Hero 2: 1 Herald of Khorne: 150 - Bonemasher
- obsidian armour

Hero 3: 1 Herald of Nurgle: 175 - The Bringer of Pain
- Lv 1 wizard - lore of nurgle
- slime trail


Core 1: 15 bloodletters: 235
- Full command
- icon of endless war

Core 2: 15 plaguebearers : 235
- full command
- icon of eternal virulence

Core 3: 5 furies: 60

Core 4: 5 furies: 60


Special 1: 5 fleshhounds: 175


Rare 1: 3 bloodchrushers: 260
- full command

Army Total: 1500

power dice( +power stones) -3(0)
dispell dice( +dispell scrolls) -3 (0


Wolf Lord Skoll

The Defenders of Ulthuan


Hero 1: "Calasari" High Elf Mage: 185
-Lv 2 upgrade
-Silver Wand
-2x Dispel Scrolls
Note: Use High Magic. Spell preference: 2,1,4,3,5,6

Hero 2:High Elf Noble: 143
- Battle Standard Bearer
- Armour of Caledor
- Great Weapon


Core 1: 15x Spearmen: 160
-Full Command

Core 1: 15x Spearmen: 160
-Full Command

(accidently put the cost for 20 strong >_<)


Special 1: 15x Phoenix guard: 305
-Full Command
-Banner of Sorcercy

Special 2: 5x Shadow Warriors: 80

Special 2: 5x Shadow Warriors: 80

Special 2: 5x Dragon Princes w/ Standard Bearer and Banner of Ellyrion: 185


Rare 1: Bolt Thrower: 100

Rare 1: Bolt Thrower: 100

Army Total: 1498

Power Dice (+Power Stones): 4+D3/0
Dispel Dice (+Dispel Scrolls): 3/2
Notes: +1 to Dispel

Good luck to both competitors. Once I receive the tactics from both players, I will unlock the match, post the tactics from both players, and everyone will be able to vote in this match.
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Both players from this match has sent me their tacics.

Dafistofmork said:
My bloodletters will march up to wolf lord's battle line with one flank protected by the board edge, the other by the plaugebearers. the BL move at the same speed as PB to remain protected, using the icon to get an early charge in-both units aim for spearmen.

the Fleshhounds and bloodchrusers move forwards, FH shileding the BC, until they can charge the enemy and blast through them (hopfully). BC aims for pheonix guard. hounds go for shadow warriors.

Furies use cover to reach war machines, take them out early then rear charge the spearmen to tip the balance in there favour.

HoN uses spell 1 turn before charge/charged to negate as many attacks as possible.

pray for victory is another thing i will do, along with the ritural sacrafice.:victory:

Wolf Lord Skoll's:
Wolf_Lord_Skoll said:
Okay here are my tactics. Enjoy :p

Army Standard Bearer goes with one Spearmen unit and the Mage goes with the other unit.

The Bolt Throwers and one unit of Shadow Warriors will deploy on the hill in the bottom left, in a line, but offset as to maximise fire lines. The other unit of Shadow Warriors will deploy in front of the hill, up against the lefthand side of the board. The Phoenix Guard will deploy next to them, front rank slighty in front of shaow warriors, to protect them from chargers. The spearmen with the mage will deploy next to the phoenix guard, wrapping slightly around the corner of the hill. The other unit of spearmen(with the Army Standard Bearer) will deploy next to the mages unit, facing on more of an angle ( wrapping around the base of the hill). The Dragon Princes will deploy facing toward the right side of the board, angled slighty though.

Not much, unless the Dragon Princes need to move up to threaten an enemy unit that has been weakened by shooting.

Shield of Saphery will be cast on the Mage's Spearmen unit. If the mage has Curse of Arrow Attraction he will cast it on highest target. Fury of Khaine and/or Flames of the Phoenix would be cast on the Bloodletters or Bloodcrushers. Courage of Anerarion would be cast on the unit that is in the toughest combat or is about to enter the toughest combat. Vauls Unmaking is pretty useless though.

First target is the Flesh Hounds, followed by the Furies. If they are killed, next target is the Bloodletters. It is unlikely that the shooting will wipe all these units out, but, the next target would be the Bloodcrushers and finally the Plague Bearers. However, if a unit is about to charge one of my units, and the combat is going to be hard for me, shooting will be directed against the charging unit.

Spearmen take the charge, Dragon Princes don't charge in unsupported, unless the enemy unit is only a few models left, as a result of shooting.

Hope I included everything I needed,

*unlocks thread* Attack, Fantasy Heretics! Give this thread your best shot! :wink:
so, and excuse the noobness of this post, we discuss who wins, what would happen etc?

I'm blonde so bear with me.
so, and excuse the noobness of this post, we discuss who wins, what would happen etc?

I'm blonde so bear with me.
You vote on who you think would win the match, using the map, player's army lists, and their tactics they've sent to be. Oh, and explain it as well.

Hope that helped.
Well i vote for.....

joking!:p(well some one was going to do it!)

Edit-scrafice has been made. i am now ready.
Vote: Wolf Lord Skoll

Skoll seems to have managed to seondguess hi opponent perfectly. The shadow warriors are in the perfect position to protect the bolt throwers from the inevitable fury attack.

Magic wise the H.Elves have the clear advantage. A lvl 1 Wizzard is no match for 2 scrols and +1 to dispel attempts. The herald isn't getting anything useful off until turn 4. Assuming we ignore turn 1's magic for being somewhat redundant.

Elf boy also has the numbers advantage. Although the Daemon troops are clealry the superior in capability a flank charge from any elf unit removing the DAemon numbers should be a game winner.
Vote: Wolf lord Skoll

I didnt think the daemons would have trouble with the pointy ears but the tactics of the HE are just superior. He indeed would have figured the Fury's going for the warmachines and prepared for them. in the end i think it would have been close but the fact HE magic can run rampant means I have to give it to them. It would be too big a factor to ignore.
I am also going to vote for Wolf Lord Skoll.

I think his deployment (particularly protecting his warmachines) and set-up will give him the upperhand in the first part of the game. His magic phase is much stronger and with the shooting should mean that the Elves can cope with the Daemons by the time they get in to Close Combat.
My vote also has to go with Wolf Lord Skroll, but it was a close one in my opinion.

I think list wise, Dafistofgork has a slight advantage but he's failed to be clear about where he's intending to deploy his units (which side of the table are the Bloodletters and Plaguebearers advancing up for example)

With no real shooting or magic on the Daemon's side and that lovely hill in their deployment area, I see the elven castle tactic as being the best option to take in the situation, and I forsee the daemons taking some nasty casualties before they hit the high elf line. The only thing I might have considered doing differently is to concentrate fire from the bolt throwers on the bloodcrushers earlier on in the battle to reduce their numbers and the threat they cause as I see them as the most dangerous thing in Dafistofmork's army.

Also - with the available shooting in the HE list, I'm not 100% sure they're going to kill those furies before they hit the bolt throwers on their 2nd turn the demons have a fair chance of first turn due to having less units, so they're only going to take a single round of shooting before they hit home, with the shadow warriors at the foot of the hill, the furies can just charge straight over their heads into the bolt throwers, and with the dragon princes out to the elven right flank, I don't see a lot they can do about it.

With nothing firing at the bloodcrushers for at least 2-3 turns, they will hit the elven lines and I can see them doing a lot of damage when they do.

To sum up, it's a close one in my opinion, had Dafistofmork been more specific where he was deploying my vote might well have been with him, but the uncertaintly of where the Daemons are attacking from and Skroll's more complete tactics give him the vote.

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I hate to say it, but I think this will be a Piece of Cake for the Elves. It's a list designed to take out the attacking forces that the Daemons of Chaos unfortunately typify.

The ASF High Elf Spearmen can afford to let the Bloodletters charge them. T3, (although the 5+ Ward Save is okayish), and can hold them long enough until the Dragon Princes counter. The Bloodcrushers can be held by the Phoenix Guard until the Dragon Princes do their business. The plaguebearers are likely to be shot to jackshit by the Double Eagles Claws.

The Magic Phase is a no-no for the Daemons.

The only thing the Daemons will do okay against is the Eagles Claws. Turn 2 sees the Eagles Claws engaged. If not destroyed, that's a turn in which they are tied up, and maybe a second turn if they can hold on against the Shadow Warriors. That's 2 turns of inaction - enough to get the Daemons in close combat.

But I still think that the ASF will proove the be the deciding factor.

Wolf Lord Skoll

yeh, as soon as i saw wolfs tactics i knew i was going to lose. heck if i could i would vote for him.
im going to vote for wolf lord skoll
because he has superior tactics
and the fact that the He out number the deamons means the can get those flank charges
and the bolt throwers will eat the deomons before the attack
Wolf Lord Skoll

His tactics were just plain better. He really knew what to expect from his opponent, and he then prepared his army and tactics to fit the expected movements of the opposition. He really seemed to understand the thoughts and actions of a Daemon player, and he definitely knew which tactics of his he could use to exploit some clear disadvantages in the Daemon army.

Though I have to add that Dafistofmork had some pretty good strategies too. It was a close choice for me personally, but Skoll's knowledge of the other opponent's army was the deciding factor for me.
I'm going to be the dissenting voice here and vote Dafistofmork

Even with two bolt throwers, Skoll doesn't have that much shooting. If Mork can use his furies well, he can shut the bolt throwers down quickly. By choosing to focus his magic on the Flesh hounds first, Skoll has pretty much given up his power dice advantage. I also think that Skoll has underestimated how annoying the regenerating plaguebearers will be, and by not taking advantage of his flaming magic to whittle them down before hand, they will easily tie up units in combat. Once the demons are in combat, and that should be pretty quick, the shadow warriors become a non issue. So long as Mork can find a flank with his Bloodcrushers to start rolling through, I think they will carry the day. The Dragon Princes are a wildcard in this whole thing, it would have been helpful if Mork had posted how he intended to deal with them. Still I think this would be a very close game when actually played out.
othiem, you are my new best friend.
And this match is now officially closed! Thanks for everyone for voting, and you can expect the next round to pop up very shortly. :)
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